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I’m Dan Drake


Thank you for checking out my website! I am a YouTuber, Podcaster, Singer/Songwriter, Editor, and Creative Coach. But at heart, I am all about helping people unlock their creative potential, asking better questions, diving deep into learning, & focusing on the positive. Take a look around and enjoy my work.

As the Creative Director for 3 churches above 1,000 people, I’ve learned what it takes to brainstorm under pressure, meet weekly deadlines, and find fresh ways to communicate to a consistent audience. Through graphic design, video production, storyboarding, writing, voice over, LED lighting, production design, social media marketing, and web development, I’ve utilized a variety of skillsets to execute over 100 successful creative campaigns. And as an entrepreneur, I manage, design, and perform for a brand new YouTube channel, and a successful podcast with over 15,000 downloads.

I’d love to connect with you! 

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Why Tt’s Great exists to bring positivity to the internet.

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The better questions podcast

We believe questions are an important part of everyone’s life. But so often we either ignore questions all together, or allow our answers to those questions to become divisive lines in the sand, distinguishing the “chosen” from the “heretics”. Our show is here to find better questions that primarily do 2 things: bring people together, and call people to action.

Latest Episode:

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Incidental Instrumentals VOL 1.jpg

Incidental Instrumentals Vol. 1

by Dan Drake

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